UPS Vs FedEx: Which Is Better

Published: 04th April 2011
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With the United States postal service is slowing down, losing funds and getting the overall shafted from the technological advances that have made written letters obsolete. The package delivery business has been booming. Both UPS and FedEx are campaigning strongly for your delivery dollars. So which one is the better service will naturally be a concern.

We will attempt to fairly assess the strengths and weaknesses of each service here.

Shipments: Both UPS and FedEx have ground fleets. The thing is that UPS's fleet is five times larger than FedEx's. This gives them the advantage on the ground. But according to a report by a CNBC reporter, FedEx handles more air packages than UPS. What this means for you is that either way you go you can be assured that one way or the other your package will get there.

Tech & hardware: This matters a lot, especially to a small business. You need a carrier that will give you as many shipping stations, scales, printers and scanners as is necessary to get your orders out. And you need them to do this without an extra fee. In this area FedEx will take a look at your process and then tell you what they can provide for you. UPS on the other hand, will give you credits with companies like Hewlett Packard or Dell. They base these credits on a 3-year projected volume. This could end up saving the company thousands and you get to keep the equipment in the end. Either of these choices are good ones, it really depends on the company and its prospectus.

Inbound & outbound Deliveries: In the area of negotiating for pick-up times you will get a fairer shake with UPS. They are more willing to deal than FedEx. UPS will do a single pickup. Then there is the credits received for negotiating your inbound deliveries. If you can talk you suppliers into using your preferred delivery service there should be a reward attached.

Claims: Here again UPS has the definitive edge. There are fewer hoops to jump through at UPS. The entire process runs smoother than the one over at FedEx.

If you want to really know which service is best, it is really the one that can handle the volume you need for the price you can afford at the time. It just may be that what is best for your business is using both of these companies in tandem.


Jonathan is an R&D specialist at metal deck experts D-Mac Industries. Jon studies the endless uses of steel decking in structural engineering applications.

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