Interesting Facts About Titanium

Published: 03rd May 2011
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Titanium is known for its strength as well as its luster. This element is one that is naturally occurring on this planet and scientists are convinced you would find it on other "Class M" planets. The mining process is such that its makes it one of the most expensive metals on earth.

The name titanium derives from the Greek name of the original "Children of the Gods of Olympus". Mythology holds that these were indestructible and mighty. It was only through trickery that Zeus and his siblings were able to control or confine the titans.

One fact that is very interesting is the when you watch a shuttle launch or a satellite going up you are watching tons of this precious metal being shot into space. It is used by the aerospace industry because of its strength and its ability to withstand the highest temperatures. Re-entry could not be possible without it.

Titanium is lighter than steel but just as strong. It is easily two to three times, depending on the grade, as aluminum and is like platinum in its resistance to corrosion.

Hip replacements are being done everyday and most of the joints that are man made use titanium alloy. They are used for Ball and socket joints as well as knees.

Using titanium in paint makes it resistant to infrared radiation. It is widely used in solar observatories to keep the heat from causing poor visibility conditions for the scientist.

Diamond has a very high optical dispersion ration but Titanium oxide surpasses even it.

Aircraft's are made using a titanium ally. Usually aluminum or Vanadium metals are combined with titanium to make the metals that are used in construction of these planes. It is considered a "Grade 5" metal.

Some jewelry makers use this high grade metal for their titanium designs. The draw back is that it is extremely difficult and expensive to have a ring resized made form this Grade off Titanium.

The natural blue patina that you see forming on titanium is a good thing as this is its weapon against rust and corrosion.

Finally of all the metals found on earth there are only three that can be found in more abundance than titanium. You can get almost any product made from titanium today. It goes from the mines to the dining room and everywhere in between. You can get barbecues and silverware made from this stuff.

Pssst, this is just for fun, did you know that you can even get golf clubs and laptop computers made from titanium? Guess which ones they are? Hint: the price tag tells the tale.


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